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Accessible, Perfect Wisdom

8 Dec

No mere man had greater wisdom than Solomon (1 Kings 4:29–32). Yet, regarding his wisdom, he received it (1 Kings 4:29), and therefore it is less than its source—indeed so much less (Job 12:13; Rom. 11:33)! Christians can be confident that we trust and serve a perfectly wise God. We can find contentment in him, knowing that he is wisely bringing about his perfect plan (Isa. 46:10). We can have hope and peace in the worst of circumstances, knowing that God’s wise providence is caring for us (Phil. 4:7; Psa. 23). We can rejoice knowing that we do not trust and serve a lesser king, but the omniscient, omni-wise King of kings. We can worship him for his lovely wisdom, especially for the wisdom shown in his eternal plan of redemption through the blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ (1 Pet. 1:20; Acts 2:23). And we can shout “hallelujah” for the giving of his perfect wisdom to us in his Word (2 Tim. 3:16; Prov. 1–2)! What a tremendous gift. If one lacks wisdom, ask the Lord who gives generously (James 1:5)! Seek it in the pages of Holy Scripture, asking that the Spirit would illumine your mind and heart to receive, know, and apply the wisdom already laid down—the wisdom that can make man complete (2 Tim 3:15–17).

Let us not think, Oh, I wish I could have sat at the feet of Solomon. Oh, to be one of the men that stood in his presence. Remember, you can sit at the feet of the Almighty; you can stand in his presence by opening your Bible and praying for the Spirit’s assistance. And if “Happy are [the] men, happy are [the] servants, that stand continually before [Solomon], and that hear [his] wisdom” (1 Kings 10:8), how much happier ought we to be who have the complete, perfect wisdom of God recorded for us and accessible to us in his Scripture!


15 Dangers of Self-Pity

18 Dec

Self-pity puts the self first.
Self-pity can lead to cynicism.
Self-pity can lead to inactivity.
Self-pity can lead to negativism.
Self-pity can lead to depression.
Self-pity is contrary to the Gospel.
Self-pity is an enemy of contentment.
Self-pity often forgets the plight of others.
Self-pity forgets that suffering is part of life.
Self-pity can cause you to be critical of others.
Self-pity takes the mind off of God’s promises.
Self-pity often forgets the benefits of suffering.
Self-pity is adverse to determination and perseverance.
Self-pity takes the eyes off of the many blessings given you.
Self-pity is self-perpetuating and will increase in its destructive power.

Self-pity is a gnawing evil. Instead of pitying the self, pity Christ.

“Have this mind in you, which was also in Christ Jesus: who…emptied himself, taking the form of a servant, being made in the likeness of men; and being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself, becoming obedient even unto death, yea, the death of the cross.” -Philippians 2:5-8


20 Nov
“And even as they refused to have God in their knowledge, God gave them up unto a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not fitting”   Romans I.28
Remembering or forgetting God as you go about life making decisions is not passive as we so often think of it. We’ll say, “Oh, I forgot to take out the trash,” or “I cannot remember.” The biblical view is an active one. “Beware that thou forget not the LORD thy God, in not keeping his commandments, and his judgments, and his statutes, which I command thee this day” (Deut. VIII.11). “And the covenant that I have made with you ye shall not forget” (2 Kings XVII.38). “Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy” (Exodus XX.8). We are to be actively, purposefully, willfully, adamantly, persistently seeking God, his will, and his glory. Consider just a few of the words that describe the Christian’s life: seek, knock, remember, walk, run, love, give, abound, think on, search out, work, toil, labor, pray, ask, submit, serve, repent, turn, put on, preach, teach, learn, meditate. The list goes on and on. May Scripture teach and motivate each of us to be actively engaged in our relationship with Jesus Christ and with one another. Forgetting is neglecting. Let us put away excuses, turn and seek the Lord with our whole heart, mind, soul, and strength.

I Love Mornings

21 Aug

Mornings are notably special for me. The day dawns, the sun rises, and yet again I take another breath. Mornings are precious because they testify once again of God’s grace and mercy in sustaining my life—in having watched over me even while I slept. Though I close my eyes, yet he “neither slumbers nor sleeps. He lets not the sun harm me by day, nor the moon by night” (from Psalm 121). Every day, every single one, is a gift that I do not merit. They are therefore reminders for me to spend each day serving my Lord.

Mornings are dear to me because they remind me of the promise of new life in Christ and the surety of my salvation. It was at the dawning of the first day of the week that Christ arose after being crucified for my sin (Mt. 28:1). On that 3rd day, just as he promised, he arose to conquer death and the grave for the justification of sin (Rom. 4:25). His resurrection securing for me my own resurrection, when I too will receive a body incorruptible (1 Cor. 15:52), beautified and ready for Christ. In the light of the new day, I see the promise that being united with Jesus secures for me victory over the grave and life everlasting. Death holds no power and no sting (Hosea 13:14). I look forward with great joy and anticipation for the day when I will be free from the dregs of sin and the chaff of evil that remains in this world. I am eagerly awaiting the day when Jesus, my bright Morning Star (Rev. 22:16), makes everything new (Rev. 21:5). “My soul waiteth for the Lord More than watchmen wait for the morning; Yea, more than watchmen for the morning” (Psa. 130:6).

Mornings are lovely because they speak of newness: new opportunities to serve the Lord and new graces that will be shown me. “Morning by morning new mercies I see. All I have needed Thy had hath provided. Great is Thy faithfulness Lord unto me” (Great is Thy Faithfulness, based on Lam. 3:22–23).

Mornings bring refreshment. After long days and even nights without sleep, the morning air, so cool, fresh, and crisp, revives the body and energizes the mind. But mornings also bring refreshment from trials: “Weeping may tarry for the night, But joy cometh in the morning” (Psa. 30:5). “I will sing of thy strength; Yea, I will sing aloud of thy lovingkindness in the morning: For thou hast been my high tower, And a refuge in the day of my distress” (Psa. 59:16).

Mornings are especial opportunities for preparation too. Jesus was often in the habit of rising early to spend quiet, intimate time with the Father in prayer and meditation (Mark 1:35; Luke 4:42). This was not uncommon for others in the Bible, and it was a regular practice by many faithful men and women throughout history, all of whom recognized the tremendous benefit of waking early to beat the busy noise of feet and mouths to ready themselves for the day. A day begun in the Scriptures allows a person to dwell on the truths throughout the day, to be changed by them, to experience them to a degree that would not be possible if done right before bed. I cannot tell you how many times when I have begun the day with Scripture, that the passages I encountered were then perfect for the counsel or encouragement of others in the span of that day.

“Oh satisfy us in the morning with thy lovingkindness, that we may rejoice and be glad all our days. Cause me to hear thy lovingkindness in the morning; For in thee do I trust: Cause me to know the way wherein I should walk; For I lift up my soul unto thee” (Psa. 90:14; 143:8).


Why I Am Happy After the Sad U. S. Ruling on Marriage

27 Jun

Though saddened, I am not surprised at the U. S. ruling to legitimize and promote sexual sin. The bible warns that itching ears will hear what they want, that sin will spread, people will call good, evil and evil, good, and that even within the church, false teachers will arise. In this historic time when our society legitimises yet another sin (murder of children in abortion and now marriage degradation and the further approval and rejoicing in sinful sexual practice), I am yet happy.

Happy? Did you say… Happy? Yes. I remain happy and rejoice, knowing that the Christ and his Bride, the Church, will not be prevailed over by Satan and sin. I am happy because I know that the good news of Jesus Christ is still, and forever will be, the best news – there is no greater. No bad news will ever triumph over Christ’s message. I am happy because, sinners will continue to be brought to repentance, faith, and godliness. I am happy because, Christ reigns and will return to set all aright, even though sin and evil is present. I am happy because I have Scripture’s testimony that these things were to happen–I am not caught unaware–and the promise that it will not always be so. God will be gloried and every knee will bow, and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, even those who reject him. I am happy because I can currently write such things in the U.S.A. without imprisonment or death. I am happy because my God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. I am happy because all things work together for the good of those that love Jesus. I am happy because my faith is not affected by the world’s rejoicing in sin; the world has always been contrary to the truth. I am happy because the wickedness of the world is also encouraging more Christians to boldly speak the truth as the Spirit moves them. I am happy because as the world becomes more contrary to the Word and will of God, the brighter Christ’s light will seem in a progressively darkening society. I am happy because God’s Word stands forever true even if the whole world would deny it. I am happy because God is sovereign and therefore he will bring about his will with all certainty. I am happy because salvation is sure for those who belong to Christ. I am happy because sin only makes me long that much more for the day when I will meet my Saviour face to face and all sickness and sin is behind me. “Man may trouble and distress me–’twill but drive me to Thy breast” (Jesus, I My Cross Have Taken). I am happy because Christ has already dethroned Satan and evil at the cross, and the reason that the final judgement on the Day of the Lord taries, is that Christ is bringing more and more souls into his kingdom daily. Though sin exists, this is the age of grace and the time of salvation. Thank you, Lord Jehovah!