This blog is dedicated to the sharing and appreciation of biblical, Christian theology. It is not to earthly teachers that we look for hope; indeed Christ alone is our only hope of salvation and rest! Yet with all of the various teachings on Scripture, in order that the reader may understand what you will encounter here, I mention that my beliefs, and therefore the content of this blog, align themselves with those such as Augustine, the Reformers, the Puritans, Edwards, and others that believe the Reformed understanding accurately describes what the Bible lays forth in its divinely inspired content. The more I engage and experience Scripture prayerfully, and the more the Spirit causes it to engage me by rebuking, searching, teaching, transforming, and sanctifying me, the more I am convinced this is what the Word of God proclaims. May the Lord correct any error within me.

Let us not be found credulous, but having searched the scriptures as the Bereans, be able to give a scriptural account of what we believe.  Soli Deo Gloria. 

– M. J. Hendricks